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Weight Loss Surgery Preparation

If you have been qualified for the weight-loss surgeries, health care team gives you the instructions on how to prepare for a specific type of surgery. You may need to have different lab tests & exams before performing the surgery. You may have restrictions on eating & drinking & which medications you can use after the surgery. You need to start routine physical activity programs & need to stop any tobacco usage in future.

You may also need to prepare and plan ahead for the recovery after the surgery.

  1. Smoking & use of tobacco & nicotine products are been proven to be gradually increases the risk of the complications during & after the bariatric surgery. We also require our patients to be free from tobacco as well as to stop all the nicotine products for minimum of 3 months prior to the beginning of pre-surgery education.
  2. Try to consume 3 regular meals & 1 - 2 small snacks per a day. When planning meals, be sure that to include breakfast & try to avoid having food within 4 hours before the bedtime. Focus on the increasing intake of protein & fresh fruits & vegetables, while reducing or even eliminate the usage of sugar & high-fatty foods, as well as fast-food & outside or restaurant meals.
  3. Recording the eating & drinking habits will uncover the valuable information & also helps you to identify the opportunities for better improvement.
  4. Follow the body's thirst signals. Adults need at consume atleast 64 ounces of water per day. Identify & limit or even eliminate the sources of liquid calories, such as juice, alcohol, soda, energy drinks & coffee with the cream or sugar. Get rid of caffeinated & carbonated beverages. Stop drinking liquids along with the meals & wait for 30 minutes after each meal before drinking the water.
  5. If you are not presently doing exercises, start small & create a consistent physical activity plan which fits the ability - short walks, painless exercises & small increases in the daily activity will makes a difference. Find the activity which enjoy & focus on the frequency rather than increasing the intensity. Gradually build up the exercise time by adding some extra minutes of the activity every day.
  6. It was very important that not to gain weight while preparing for the surgery. Avoid "last suppering" & overeating in the anticipation of making diet & lifestyle changes later on. Our team of health care providers will discuss with you about additional pre-surgery weight loss goals.
Authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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