Weight loss treatment in Mumbai –
An ultimate solution to your obese problems

With every other person in the grapples of obesity or being overweight, weight loss treatments has become an everyday word in our daily lives. While regular exercise and diet helps to stay in shape, they do not provide a sustainable solution to address obesity and its many related disorders.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha, leading laparoscopic surgeon in India is also synonymous with successful weight loss treatment in Mumbai.

Weight loss treatment under RK Sinha

The weight loss treatment procedure is conducted here after a detailed assessment of the patient. The kind of treatment to be followed depends on the extent of obesity and BMI of the patient.

The treatment plan by the team of experts lead by the Dr. RK Sinha is initiated by a physical assessment to ascertain the physical fitness of the patient. A psychological assessment and nutritional assessment is also performed.

Weight loss surgeries

Weight loss surgery, a popular weight loss treatment method today involves the surgical manipulation of stomach and intestine to restrict the food intake and absorption. These surgeries are ideal for candidates with BMI over 40 or those with a weight of over 100lbs over their ideal body weight. It can also be useful in candidates with a BMI over 35, suffering from disorders such as elevated blood pressure and diabetes.

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Different types of weight loss surgeries

The type of weight loss surgery conducted is mainly based on the different assessments and evaluation conducted on the patient. Some of the surgeries include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, ileal positioning, robotic surgery, endoscopic bariatric surgery and so on.

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