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Date : 26-06-2018

Obesity is a condition of a person when his weight or fat has accumulated more than the extent and might get a negative health effect. A person is considered as obese, when his weight is 20% higher than his body should be. When he or she gets a Body Mass Index (BMI) in between 24.9 and 29.9, you are overweight and you will be obese when it comes to 30 or over.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

This is a statistical measurement calculated with your height and weight. This method doesn't calculate the percentage of your body fat and it is just a useful method to analyze your body weight.

How do people become Obese?

People are obese because of many reasons and they are mentioned as follows:
1. Consuming high-calorie food or Junk foods will increase the fat or body weight.
2. Leading a lifestyle with less physical activities.
3. Sleep deprivation doubles the chances of obesity.
4. Poorly balanced diets with no exercise.
5. Patients get weights through medications.

These are the main reasons to get overweight and these medical conditions double the chances of getting common diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a condition when a person's body doesn't use the insulin in a proper way. Doctors call it as Insulin resistance condition. The symptoms of this conditions are as follows:

1. Increased the thirst and Hunger is the most common symptoms of type 2 disease
2. Getting the mouth dried and frequent urination is another important symptom found in this disease
3. Weight loss happens unexpectedly even after you eat more and feeling hungry
4. Feeling weak, tired and headache are another symptoms found in type 2 disease
5. Blurred vision and loss of consciousness are found to be the symptoms in the type 2 disease

We have different kinds of treatments available for weight loss and obesity. The best treatment available in Mumbai is from Dr. RK Sinha, best bariatric surgeon Mumbai. You can find a wide range of diabetes treatment in Mumbai for Obesity from Dr. RK Sinha.

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