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Date : 16-10-2018

Life in the Fast Lane

In today's day and age, one of the main contributors of ailments and disease is not from germs but more from stress, questionable habits and lifestyle choices. Living in the fast lane, prolonged smoking and excessive drinking or even overeating junk food is sooner to take toll than later when coupled with lack of physical exercise and activity.

The Ghosts of the Fast Life Coming Back To Haunt You

Our lifestyle choices are more to blame along with our erratic habits when it comes to performing a root cause analysis on most of the trending ailments impacting the youth and current generation majorly. It comes as no surprise that mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and stress related disorders like panic attacks and obesity top that list of haunting diseases that apparently have no direct symptom. The results although are not a directly proportional representation just one cause. It is the combined result of a cocktail of vices working together to spread an epidemic.

“Media Idea of Perfection”

Commercial media's ever changing benchmark of perfection through its manifestations has severely damaging effects on the youth, who in the dearth of constructive pursuits have become shallow and superficial and are subjecting themselves to insipid standards of physical exploitation to attain the validation of perfection. In such a fast paced world, where material superficiality is given utmost importance, obese and other individuals who do not match the media driven idea of perfection are steadily drowning into a bottomless pit of depression due to social exile. If ridicule and being outcast for their physical appearances was not enough, now they are the target for aspersions and vile caricatures gradually driving them into isolation and avoiding social interaction.

Living In Fear, Of Being Different

Obese and overweight kids are easy targets for ridicule and they literally live in fear of encountering any social interaction lest they are ridiculed or subjected to taunts and threats.  Hence it is no wonder that a substantial chunk of the youth population in today's world has no real social interaction but instead virtual interactions only. As a result of being closeted by their own fears and apprehensions these individuals develop low self-esteem and self-loathing tendencies.

Turning Tables on Conventional Theories

This may be further manifested in the form of self-inflicted wounds, self-hate actions or speech. Although conventional media portrayal of the standards of beauty and perfection are to be blamed for a major part, obesity & overweightness were found to be among the root causes for many cases low self-esteem and depression. This defies conventional medical theories which suggest almost to the contrary, that low self-esteem may often lead to obesity and tendencies to gain weight.

Being overweight has a direct consequence of social rejection and ridicule which looms as a constant fear on the impressionable minds of young individuals. Hence often in an attempt to escape the social invalidation, the obese and overweight kids bring about a self-imposed exile and shy away from all types of social interaction. This inherently is accompanied by low self-esteem and self-depreciation.

The Road To Complete Fat Free Recovery

Although exercise and a healthy diet are definitely recommended, the road to complete recovery for obese and overweight cannot be achieved only by exercise and healthy eating. These are healthy habits that need to be inculcated for a healthy lifestyle in order to always remain fit. Reaching a clean slate for a fresh start can be achieved by laparoscopic surgery procedures which involve removal of excess body fat around stomach and abdominal areas.

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Seeking The Expert’s Opinion on Treatment for Obesity

Combining both the afore mentioned practises can give a obese person a new start towards a healthy and regular life. Renowned bariatric surgeon Dr Rakesh Sinha uses his vast treasure trove of experience and rich depths of knowledge to provide obesity treatment surgeries involving laparoscopic procedures effective for complete weight loss in   obese or overweight individuals. Laparoscopic surgeries for weight loss and body fat reduction are one step further in the direction of innovations for the excellence of medicine and the bariatric surgeon Dr Rakesh Sinha is credited with this boon for humanity and mankind. Visit Obesity Surgery Asia, Dr Rakesh Sinha’s bariatric and laparoscopic surgery brainchild and seek an appointment for a consultation with Dr Sinha.

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